ZenAsF*ck™ TerpSerum™ – #1 Luxury Brand – 84%-90% THC Consistently!


We represent ZenAsF*ck™ – 2X Award winning producer of 100% Authentic, Extremely High-Potency, All-Natural and Never Diluted TerpSerum. No Glycerin, no PG, no fake terps (and No Vitamin E Acetate or any other diluent of any kind). Ever. A rare gem of pure goodness, and we’ve got the FLAVOR in every way… WE ARE THE REAL ZENASF*CK™ LUXURY BRAND (not a knock-off or one of the “imitators”)

Our TerpSerum™ is truly a connoisseur level product at its finest! Ask anyone. The ZenAsF*ck™ proprietary extraction process allows us to capture and preserve the volatile, yummy cannabis terpenes and flavons first, then fully process the distillate to an extremely pure state. This allows us to offer a stunning (and very Real) 84-90% THC content with a terpene/flavon content ranging between 3-6%! Yaas! This product is dope AF and you simply MUST try it to fully realize how spectacularly different we really are.

We LOVE everything about cannabis, and it shows in everything we do. We are fully aware there are all kinds of “cheap” products out there, and if that is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place. However, if you are someone who understands that authentic, high-quality, high-end products are what your customers both crave and deserve, then we are the gold mine that can help you achieve a huge following of happy, satisfied and LOYAL return customers, for the long term, consistently. Everyone feels special when they have access to luxurious and exclusive things, and this is exactly the reaction you will get to ZenAsF*ck™ products.

Not only is our TerpSerum™ extremely pure with absolutely ZERO additives, but we use premium custom designed .8g cartridges which provide a significantly better experience all the way around. No leaking, no need to pre-heat, no maintenance… and your customers can access ALL their product right down to the last drop. (And did we mention they genuinely hold the FULL amount of product?!?) Just as important as the quality of the oil itself, using expertly crafted cartridges are an absolute MUST for a care-free, connoisseur level vaping experience! (Note: due to the high purity and viscosity, our cartridges do not work well with low-grade or disposable pens/batteries)

We have spared no expense in producing ZenAsF*ck™ TerpSerum™, and this has made us one of the most highly sought after, often imitated but never duplicated products on the luxury cannabis market to date. EVERYTHING about us is luxe, from the product itself, the cartridges and packaging we use, to the exceptional customer service we offer. If you are ready to expand your clientele and increase your revenue, then we encourage you to contact us! We are well known for our stellar service record and our team of unrivaled customer service reps who are waiting to assist you, even with marketing.

With 20 Strain Offerings in Total, Our Large Strain Variety GUARANTEES choice for everyone, including Runtz, ZTFO, Chiquita Banana, Willie Nelson, Lemon Gelato, Snoop Dogg OG, Sherbet Cookies, Kosher Kush, Godfather OG, DJ Short Blueberry, Pineapple Express and many more! For your convenience we have posted our strain list within the images, and detailed information about our products and strains may be found on our website: zenasfuck.net

No matter how often our words are used by others, we have one of the highest POTENCY on the market. The SMOOTHEST hit on the market. And absolutely NO ONE even comes close to matching our INCREDIBLE TASTE and EFFECT. Period. We are proud of this and we stand behind our claim.

The company goal of ZenAsF*ck™ is simple – EXCELLENCE. We would rather produce a small selection of genuinely exceptional products than provide a large selection of products that are just “ok”. For this reason, ZenAsF*ck™ offers four specific products:
1) .8g/700mg High Potency TerpSerum Cartridges – 83%-90% THC consistently
2) Half Gram, High Potency TerpSerum DabDarts (Lab Grade, Borosilicate Syringes)
3) NanoTHC Drink Additive – Sizzurp 2oz, 500mg (Highly Pure/Water Soluble) All natural and 100% science based product with a very high bioavailabilty and mild cherry flavor, this is NOT traditional “THC Syrup” at all. The NanoTHC begins to be absorbed in the mouth before ever entering the GI Tract where cannabinoid destruction occurs, thus the onset is faster and you get substantially more of the actual milligrams desired. This product has been tried by multiple well-known cannabis chefs, and they have ALL agreed that this product is significantly easier to use, requires less to reach the desired effect, tastes great in almost anything and simply makes the best infused drinks available. You gotta love the science!
4) Limited Edition Manuka Honey Spun, Cacao Rich XL White Chocolate Candy Bars – 24 squares, 12 doses per bar, 500mg (3 Golden Tickets in each batch of 300!)

Text Client Services at (702) 825-5226 Today! Stay… ZenAsF*ck!


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